Gambling Is a Popular Youth Hobby In Indonesia.

 Gambling is a popular youth  hobby  in Indonesia, with many Indonesians enjoying the  thrill of betting on existing human  lives, and  other games.  However, for some people gambling that is less attractive serious  problems. On   weekends  and holidays, people from all walks of  life  consist of placing bets and subject to the influence of gambling pressure. Many Indonesians will give a nominal small amount of  money during a period. This can lead to many problems, such as decreased financial stress due to drugs or alcohol, or prostitution. There are several types of gambling found in the Jakarta area, such as jong and satay. Jong is an Indonesian  game originating in China, Some small and large numbers are spread on the ground. The cloth    has a number written on it, and favors its enemies when placing bets on different numbers with cash  or other  goods . 

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The one who wins the most  in the last one year  will  take it all home. Satay is a typical Indonesian food  board and cut.  The board displays different symbols  on the box, and  there can  also be pieces of paper sold  to the public or placed in  pots. One person will take  about 30 minutes to guess a particular symbol and answer all the corresponding  questions on the board and win.  The government has committed many resources  for credit deposit slots.

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Gambling is an addictive illegitimate   item.  This is a pattern of trick play can lead to addiction. The person  may have forgotten  about, even though they knew it was dangerous. There are many reasons to lose when people gamble.  Some people may feel that  there is  nothing better  to do, or it  can also be the thrill of  winning something big. Gambling is also often used as a form of organ in this body in a person’s life, such as boredom or stress.  The psychological  reasons  behind gambling are  important for us to  understand when we can become what suffers from gambling addiction.  The gambling industry  is a billion-dollar   factory. The United States spends about $4 billion dollars on gambling each year, which covers the  lives of  Indonesians from the gambling industry.  It is estimated that it will become extinct at a time when people have problems with gambling addiction.   This makes  it addictive more to be able to  combine alcohol and drug use.

Social norms  are  knowledge of  shared  attitudes  and behaviors, which are considered  acceptable    in the   form of  a certain  group of   people. Social norms   can  be a  gathering  place for  gambling  issues. In   this section, we  will  explore  all the   problems  that can contribute   to  the problem of  gambling. We will  discuss  various  aspects  that may  contribute to  a  human  life  social  norms  can  play a role  in it. We will also   look at  the  bad side   that there may  be  for  this  problem.  Some  of the ways  in which   social norms  can  be a  basis and a  problem of gambling  include: Social norms   that may  make it difficult   for   people to  survive    and struggle  with  problems  such as  addiction  or  loss of  control. The social norms   that create  a  tall building   lack  the support  of  others.  The idea  that  gambling  is  a   true  nature  that should not be   talked about  in   public. 
In   this section, we
  will  explore    how  we  can  contribute to  the problem of  gambling. We will  discuss  the different  aspects  that can  be a    benchmark  on   this issue  and how  social  norms  can  play a role  in it. We will also   look at  some  tips and tricks for  this  problem.  Some  of  the ways in which it can  be a  place  to contribute to the   problem of   gambling  include: Social norms   that give rise to  the original  human  nature  prevent  individuals  from  asking for   help .  The idea  that  gambling  is  something  that can be  utilized  and  discussed  in   public. The idea  that  gambling  is  a “sin” probably  contributes to  every  problem  that exists because it can lead to shame and guilt. If someone believes that  we  can  stop gambling (or mgoing to gamble them).   

The Indonesian  government has been fighting hard to combat gambling addiction. The government has implemented a number of terms and  conditions to try to address the issue. One example of such a policy is being  able to  tell  them all to quit (BKPM) which aims to prevent illegal gambling, reduce the number of gamblers, and provide the effect of rehabilitation services for those who are addicted. BKPM also introduced a mandatory licensing system for all gambling and  other  businesses requiring all operators to have a license before they can operate. That way, it is hoped that it can reduce the number of illegal gambling places or operators so that it can become advice or have regulations in its operations. The Indonesian government has also forgotten about it to combat online gambling. In 2013, the Government of Indonesia banned
 all parents in online gambling transactions. This prohibition covers everything  on  atm cards and virtual currency transactions. Furthermore, in the same year it was the government  that made it  certain things related to gambling activities in networking games” (law) which regulates all virtual money classes with real money, and vice versa. Also in 2013, any operations performed on the home Internet  were very weak coverage of one or more game laws. The following are some examples of how it  can happen that something like this enters the scope: “Laws Governing Certain Things for all Gambling on the Network.