Came On, Check out the Uniquesness of This Jaipong Dance!

Come on, Check out the Uniqueness of This Jaipong Dance!

Jaipong dance is one of the dances created by well-known artists from the Karawang Region. This jaipong dance was born in 1976 from the mindset of Haji Suanda who has a great talent so that he is able to give birth to this high-value creation. Well, here is the uniqueness of Jaipong Dance that you must know.

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From the beginning of the birth of this dance movement, it turns out that many have glanced at and even appreciated the art of Jaipong Dance because every element of the movement isamazing.  Interestingly, this dance is not only considered attractive in the eyes of ordinary people, other high-end artists also appreciate and are proud of this Jaipong Dance.

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In fact, this Jaipong Dance has a uniqueness that isthe main highlight in the eyes of its admirers.  The uniqueness of jaipong dance that stands out the most is in every movement that is done energetically, especially supported by striking dance costumes. This is definitely an attraction in itself. Moreover, this dance is not boring at all.

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Well, Here is an Explanation of the Uniqueness of Jaipong Dance that You Should Check Out

Music With Distinctive Costumes That Can Attract Visitors

Jaipong dance has its own characteristics, these jaipong dancers use kostum which is closely related to the music, songs and meaning of the dance itself. Like other dances in which each dancer’s role has a costume that suits each of the dancer’s characters, the jaipong dance is also like that. It’s just that all the kostum of this dance are interrelated.

The uniqueness of the Jaipong Dance in the women’s costume here is symbolized by the presence of a red shawl and wearing a kebaya with hair in a bun but. As for the costumes worn by men using pangsi or black clothes , they are equipped with bendons placed on top of their heads. Other supporting properties such as kujang are also installed.

A Thick Dance According to the Kaleran Style

Well, the most powerful characteristic of this Jaippong Dance is in the typical kaleran style. This style has the meaning of an attitude of simplicity, cheerfulness, spontaneity, humorousness, and eroticism. For those of you who understand the meaning of every dance movement, you must also know and feel the meaning of every movement in this jaipong dance, becauseevery movement contains cultural elements.

The Existence of Sinden that Supports the Atmosphere

If it is usually the dancers who are the source of supporting the success of a stage, then sinden is precisely the source of support for the dancers on stage. The uniqueness of this Jaipong dance  da ri gives a special impression for jaipong dance connoisseurs because the syndicates perform songs from Sunda as an accompaniment.

Vibrant Dance Moves That Burn

Most dances originating from Indonesia havea weak dance, so Jaipong Dance is different from other dances. Because Jaipong Dance is created from a combination of very energetic and passionate movements. With dance movements like this, in fact, it is able to make the audience also feel semangat because the dance is very unique and far from saturated.

That is the uniqueness of Jaipong dance that you must know, hopefully with this information you can participate in appreciating the art of dance which is a characteristic of Indonesian culture. Because we as an Indonesian nation must also be proud and participate in upholding the original cultural values of the Indonesian state.